About African Natural Rulers

  • Oba Dokun Thompson

Information about African Natural Rulers

The ANR Initiative is a resource platform comprising of several African Natural Rulers from countries in Africa to address and promote intellectual capital. Over the last 150 years there has been a top to bottom approach which has had several challenges and created a chaotic and worse off environment for Africa. The ANR Initiative’s strategy would be based on bottom-up approach by the stakeholders for sustainability to create and offer lasting solutions to all the problems that have plagued Africa. The main objective of ANR Initiative is one of redefinition of Africa to address the issues of poverty, conflict, health, education, housing and the environment to achieve sustainable primary socio-economic development through self-help particularly in the rural areas as a measure to complement current African governments’ efforts which are overwhelmed and proven to be visibly inadequate. The ANR would endeavour to partner with all relevant global and international organizations and agencies, NGOs, foreign governments, corporate organizations and individuals to compliment her efforts in each specific area to achieve the laid out objectives.

Message from HRH Oba Dokun Thompson
For the past 300 years or more, Africa has been defined by several different perceptions others have and not by those she has of herself. One of the greatest challenges of Africa is how to properly craft out an identity and define herself in the context of the contemporary and modern world we have found ourselves in today. The question now, is how do we then define Africa? Is it based on the context of reality, mythology, fables or folklores that can be described as someone’s wild imagination
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